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“I’ve hired Pernille to do conference dances with conference participants. This is an activity that should be implemented with care as people easily get “dance-defensive” thinking: “NOT ME! I’m not dancing!”. But Pernille has such a gentle (yet firm) grasp of her metier, and she immediately creates a warm and trustworthy atmosphere that makes everyone feel safe even though they are on shaky grounds… Magic happens as people start to think: “Ok, I can do this!” And before they know it, they are dancing away and having great fun.
On top of this, Pernille is good at relating the point of conference dancing to the conference topic in question and communicating this to the conference participants. This way the conference dance is not just another gimmick, but substantiates the overall aim of the conference.”
Nicoline Jacoby Petersen // PhD student, LEARNING LAB DENMARK.
Forfatter af bogen “Bossa Nova. Ledelse ude på gulvet” Børsens Forlag.

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